Simple, and simply powerful snooker scoring app for your iPhone! A must-have for snooker players! 


Powerful and unique features includes: 

☆ Slide to score, easy and fun; 
☆ Shake to switch between players; 
☆ Screen auto switch off for power saving; 
☆ Screen auto light up upon movement or body contact; 
☆ Previous touched balls leave marks for easy identification; 
☆ Undo; 
☆ Track you and your friends' statistics history. 

Snooker scoring is easy and fun! 

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☆ 滑动加分!一个滑动就可以加分,操作极其简单; 
☆ 摇摇手机来切换选手; 
☆ 屏幕自动关闭以省电; 
☆ 当手机监测到运动或者贴近身体自动打开屏幕。; 
☆ 刚加分的按钮有标记,免得加错分; 
☆ 撤销不小心的操作; 
☆ 记录你和朋友们打球的各种技术统计。 




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